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A Bit of Club History!

72 From Colorado Page 36 of the May, 1996 Low Down
From page 36 of the May, 1996 Low Down - 72 Means "Best Wishes QRP!"
Colorado QRP Club 25th Anniversary
Celebrate with us!
The Colorado QRP Club is 25 years old and going strong!
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Our History:

From page 13 of Low Down #43, October 2001 by Roger J. Wendell, WBØJNR, CQC #7





Hamcon Convention Logo - 2006 CQC was a proud sponsor of the June '06 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division Hamcon in Estes Park, Colorado! In addition to providing some "seed" money, the Colorado QRP Club also donated an Oak Hills Research OHR 100A CW transciever kit as one of the door prizes! Hamcon OHR 100A Thank You Letter - 2006

In 2001 our membership reached the 700 mark with members all over the United States and in a number of other countries around the world. Membership has always been open to anyone with an interest in QRP (Low Power Operating). Easy membership sign-up, dues, and other related information can be found on our membership page.

Meetings are held bimonthly in January, March, May, July, September and November of each year. Our award winning newsletter, The Low Down, is also published bi-monthly. Articles in The Low Down come from members as well as other publications and the internet covering just about every aspect of amateur radio.

The Colorado QRP Club participates in Field Day and a variety of other contests and operating events each year. CQC Also sponsors various QRP QSO parties each year in addition to maintaining an awards program. Additional info can be obtained by contacting any of the club's officers.




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