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Marshall Emm, N1FN, at a CQC meeging - 11-08-2014 We are sad to announce that Marshall Emm, N1FN - longtime QRP advocate, owner of Morse Express, Oak Hills Research and Ameco - is a Silent Key. Marshall passed away peacefully Monday morning, February 17, 2020, at the Aurora, Colorado Medical Center with his daughters and wife surrounding him.
Memorial services for Marshall were held at Ft. Logan National Cemetery on February 28th, with many of us gathering at his home, that evening, for a reception with his wife, daughters, and other friends and family members. Marshall will be sorely missed by so many of us - Our thoughts and prayers remain with Marshall's family.
- Roger J. Wendell, WBØJNR
CQC Treasurer and Webmaster
Messages, thoughts, and stories can be sent to ColoradoQRPClub@gmail.com




Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society Inc (AHARS)
I regret to inform you that AHARS Lifetime Member Marshall Emm, VK5FN / N1FN, is a Silent Key. He passed away peacefully with his family by his side Monday, Feb. 17, 2020, in the Aurora CO Medical Center of cancer.
Marshall and I have known each other since 1995, when I was first licensed. With his influence, I fell into bad company -- the QRP Crowd. We joined the Colorado QRP Club at the same time; his number was 154, mine 155. Since then we have both served as officers and exec board members for the club and developed a long and enjoyable friendship over amateur radio and, what else, American politics!
Marshall was the owner and operator of Milestone Technologies, Morse Express, and Oak Hills Research at the time of his passing. The past few years, I worked with him, running his "bench", building and troubleshooting his products for customers. He was a stubborn, steady, and highly educational supporter of CW, Morse Code, and low power amateur communications. For many years, he hosted the club's bi-monthly meetings at his place of business. He served as the trustee for our club's two callsigns, W0CQC and N0CQC, and he was the tireless promoter of the club-sponsored weekly HF Foxhunts on 80, 40, and 20 meters up here in the states.
He spoke often and fondly of his years as an amateur radio operator down under and was very proud of his VK callsign.
Notes, cards, etc. can be went to his XYL, Wendy Emm at 2460 South Moline Way, Aurora, CO 80014-1833 USA. Email messages can be sent to the club at Coloradoqrpclub@gmail.com. We will make sure they get to the family.
He was a friend, an Elmer, and an amateur radio entrepreneur, and he will be sorely missed. Amateur Radio has lost a great one.
Dick Schneider, AB0CD
Secretary, Colorado QRP Club








For many, many years Marshall opened his home and office to our mailing parties and meetings - CQC will be forever grateful!
Additionally, Marshall was a weath of information on a wide range of technical and radio topics, always willing to share
with us. From the very first years of the club's existance I had the pleasure of working behind-the-scenes with Marshall
on all the legal and financial stuff that swrils around a nonprofit - his guidnace and assistance will be sorely missed!
- Roger J. Wendell, WBØJNR (CQC treasurer and webmaster)

Marshall Emm, N1FN, at a CQC meeging - 01-12-2013 Marshall Emm, N1FN, at a CQC meeging - 11-08-2014




Your humble webmaster found this personal entry from Marshall, himself, off of one of his business websites: (the html code was not modified other than to redirect the images from our own server)


Well, you found it....

This is the home page of Marshall Emm, N1FN.

"N1FN" is an FCC issued Amateur Radio Callsign, and it's there because my ham radio friends are more likely to recognize that than my name. I also hold an Australian license (VK5FN) and have also been known as AA0XI and VK2DXP. Oh... and KB0SCL for one week.  And just to keep it interesting, I often operate as "ET" rather than Marshall.

I thought as long as I am doing all these pages and pages ( literally thousands of lines of HTML code) for Morse Express and Milestone Technologies, Oak Hills Research, and AMECO, I might as well do a "personal page."

Now put your mirror shades on, get your nerf-bat ready, and make sure your seatbelt is fastened, 'cuz here's a picture of me with Mighty Samson, the QRP Dog... who has a framed certificate attesting to his ability to COPY MORSE CODE!

me1.jpgMighty Samson, the QRP Dog

My little pal Sammy, apart from being the only other guy in the house, can copy the words "OK" (which to him means "let's go for a ride in the car") and "BED" when they are whistled by anyone.  That's five letters, or about 20% of the Morse alphabet, so he would have a good chance of passing a Morse exam if we could only teach him to write.  If anybody's counting, one way to pass the Morse test is to copy one minute out of the five minute test.  That's 20%, q.e.d.!

And it's NOT just the whistling-- whistle anything else in Morse and he will look at you as if he is trying to understand what you are saying, but that's it.  For the skeptics among you, Sammy's skill has been verified and certified by two Extra Class amateur operators of unquestioned integrity.




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