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Annual Picnic


Saturday, September 12, 2020
Noon at Genesee Mountain Park (at the Playfield picnic area)
[Arrive at 10:00 am if you're interested in walking to the top to activate a SOTA peak]


Genesee Mountain Park
(Click Here for our map - written directions a further below...)

Fried Chicken
  • This is a potluck picnic - Please BRING a dish to share and/or salad and desert. Maybe some soft drinks, too?
  • This is a free event but we'll need folks to bring along some plates, utensils, condiments, etc.
  • Beer and wine are permitted but NO GLASS CONTAINERS.
  • Lawn chairs might make things more comfy if you have one or two to bring along!
  • Parking will be plentiful! (see directions to the parking lot, below)
  • Questions or suggestions? email your humble webmaster...


The annual picnic replaces our regular September meeting so club "biz" will be kept to an absolute bare minimum - really!

CQC Picnic 1999 CQC Run for the Trees - 2002




Compass Directions (Meet at the Genesee Park Picnic Shelter)
Genesee Mountain Map
Click on this map for a larger view
Look for the cars with the "ham" license plates and antennas!
Talk-in should be available on either 146.520 simplex (Move to another
frequency to avoid congestion, as needed) or 147.225 [+ 600 - 107.2 Hz]
  1. From I-70 Exit 254 go south about 150 feet
  2. Turn right onto Genesee Mountain Road (Sign says, "Genesee Park - City and County of Denver")
  3. Continue past Bison Meadow (0.2 miles)
  4. Continue past Genesee Mountain Trailhead (0.9 miles)
  5. Continue past the turn-off to Genesee Avenue (1.3 miles)
  6. Continue past the turn-off to Genesee Drive (1.4 miles)
  7. Continue through the gate at Genesee Mountain (1.5 miles)
  8. Continue past the "Exit Only - Do Not Enter" sign (1.6 miles)
  9. Turn right into "Visitor Parking - Genesee Mountain" (1.8 miles)
Depending where you park, you'll have to carry items to the picnic tables (and shelter) 100 to 200 feet




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